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All artworks are for sale. Artworks are printed using special archival pigment inks on fine papers and are guaranteed for life.

My most recent works may not have been posted yet on this website. I do, however, post my newest works on my Facebook page, Daniel McPheeters Artist.

All of my sales outside of the Ithaca area are done through ETSY. If you see an artwork that you wish to purchase (either on this website or on my Facebook Page) you can contact me at the address shown below. Simply email me the title (careful to get the exact title, since some pieces have similar titles). I will then make an Etsy listing for you and email it to you. If you live in the Ithaca area and can pick up locally, then contact me by email. This will save on shipping and the payment can be cash or check.

I do not ship framed works. However, if you can pick up in the Ithaca area, I am willing to sell my art framed. I offer very attractive prices for matting and framing my works.

My Dreamscapes are available as large prints. They are archival pigment ink prints, printed on 17" by 22" Epson Premium Matte Paper. The image will last for generations (Image size is 13.5" by 19.5"). The print is titled and signed by the artist, just below the image. The price for the print is $85 (+ $10 shipping). It is shipped USPS in a Priority Mail tube.

MANDALAS: All of my Mandalas on this website and on my Facebook Page are available as prints.

The large (13.5" diameter image size) is mounted in a 16" by 16" pale green circle-cut mat. The price is $50, shipping $10.

I currently ship only to U.S. addresses.

If you live outside the U.S. or you want to purchase my images on canvas, you should visit my FINEARTAMERICA site. I am told they do excellent work, however I take no responsibility for their products.

I only get a small amount per sale, but they do all the work of taking the order, printing, and shipping the artwork. They offer a wide range of items that can be printed with my images. They also show how the artwork would look in a typical room depending on the size you select.

Another reason to visit my FINEARTAMERICA site is that it shows more of my artwork than this website. Updating my website tends to be a bit cumbersome and it is very easy to upload images on both Facebook and FINEARTAMERICA . There are hundreds of images that I have created and my goal is to have all my images eventually uploaded to FINEARTAMERICA.

first img Visit my ETSY shop.

My mailing address is:
Daniel McPheeters
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