Sculpture Page

My art is expressed in several different media. I have been working in glass for the past 30 years, originally stained glass, and more recently, carved and etched clear glass. Using a variety of glass carving techniques known as "cold working" I was able to break away from the limitations of a two dimensional medium and create glass sculptures.  My fascination with the interaction of light, shadow, and space has directed the focus of my work to sculpture.

My interest in gardening led me to outdoor sculpture (in this climate glass is unsuitable).  Since I had been using cast concrete as bases for some of my glass sculptures I was already acquainted with the material and began to use it for garden sculptures. Concrete is a very heavy material so most of my cast pieces are relatively small.  Scale is an important factor in outdoor sculptures that are to be viewed from a distance. To make larger pieces I have recently been using ferro-cement as a medium. This technique involves trowelling wet concrete over a form made of welded wire steel mesh.  The result is an extremely strong material that while heavy, is still much lighter than cast concrete.

My studio is in a log cabin that I built in the 1970s.  It is surrounded by extensive gardens including a collection of daylilies (more than 250 different varieties).



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