Sculptedimage Artworks by Daniel McPheeters

The Artist

Although my professional education was technical I have always felt a tension between my interests in science and engineering and my passion for art. This tension can occasionally become a synergy. Most recently, this has become the case with my digital collages. I have been taking photographs as a hobby for many years. As a teenager I built a darkroom and spent many hours developing my pictures and manipulating the images. As technology changed I abandoned the traditional darkroom for the digital darkroom. I am self-taught in several image-editing programs and combine my photography and computer skills to create artworks that have been described as lyrical and mystical. I have also worked as a sculptor working in a variety of media for more than ten years.

My studio is in a log home that I built in the hills of the Finger Lakes region. It is deep in the woods on a hilltop, surrounded by my gardens.

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